La la la Dolce Vita

Do I look like a poor person who supposedly and actually likes luxuries, so watching them how they feed their bourgeois needs and just ripping the Vogue‘s page? Yes, I look like that person who is continuously writing about such a topic. By the way, I am going to try so hard to get a better mark. so watch me saying anything.


So Dolce & Gabbana messed up with my ex-neighbourhood recently.

CNN put the headlines like:

Dolce & Gabbana has a big China problem after ad causes outrage 

By Bard Wilkinson, CNN Business

Can I say, they put headlines like… because…it is actually Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbna messed up, rather than the D&G brand itself? sorry, too much thinking but of course Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana are okay to mess up, they have D&G and people would buy your names, sadly, just like she wore D&G for the Thanksgiving.

a big Cha Ch China problem“? I am not sure how to interpret this headline, but it sounds like “ah that China problem-” and trying to pull out what’s on readers minds of underlying all the political or ethical problems of China? so it’s like cookbooks, mentioned in the lecture, which do not explain what the garlic is, but we are going to make garlic bread. But you know what it tastes like. It’s what you like. You clicked it. *wink* *wink*

Again, back to the headline, that is definitely not a “specific” description. That is quite abstract. (Just like what Murdoch said about headlines, eh) and also the word, outrage… outrage… I think: Dolce and Gabbana did some marketing wrong. Why would you say the reaction was “outrageous” when consumers did what they can do? Of course, what they can do is telling ~~~~the fact~~~~ that D&G was being racist and stop buying the products. (Hi, that sounds like my personal bias)

(By this point, I do not expect them to be super fair intellectuals of the world. Just think twice and do not ignore your staffs’ input. If the whole staffs were agreeing to this concept, yeah stop there. You got some HR problems.)



스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.53.24

Wilkinson (the editor) did not put that “offensive comments that were allegedly sent from co-founder Stefano Gabbana’s personal Instagram account”- emojis of poo- poos- shit-shits are not … up to the CNN business column level.

In my understanding, (bias warning) Chinese people who have been buying luxuries (around me) tend to be cohesive because they were in such a coercive environment that only allowed them not to be ‘authentic’ as individual thinkers. When following trends like everyone else becomes the ultimate trend, whether it’s close to Hypodermic Model or Minimal Effects Model, they are just massive hotpot burning instantly hot and cool down.

Everyone would get mad because the rest of them got mad.

(Hi, that also sounds like my personal bias)


Dr.Watson: “Nothing sells like ‘scandal’.”

one of few things I was able to take a note in the class: Nothing sells like ‘scandal’.

Yeah, this is another scandal which will sell! because! you guys! care about rich Chinese consumers! and the economy!

Also, Again,

Dr.Watson: “Newspapers are not interested in what is covering, not really local. People buy more gossips.”

CNN? American.

Dolce and Gabbna? Italirian

China? China.

Who buys Dolce and Gabbana? people who have money.

Why I was aware of this scandal? I heard the news on my Twitter feed.

So is this good scandal? Yeah, people like to talk about racism.

스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.54.19


NOoo. Of course not they aren’t apologizing to “all Chinese people around the world”, my Chinese friend doing his work, sitting beside me, probably does not know such a scandal happened; because he isn’t a consumer of this (and also because he does cognitive psychology. I’m biased again. so what.)

Mass Society theory: he doesn’t have time to care.

Minimal Effects Model: does not log in to the media talking about the scandal.


스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.54.56

스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.55.57


Never went on to Yangmatou, Yoox Net-A-Porter, Alibaba and I don’t know who Ben Cavender is, (obviously a senior analyst at China Market Research in Shanghai) neither Lane Crawford and Hung Huang. They might be ‘professionals’ who have insights on this scandal, all saying “The damage is huge”

But I am quite sure, that Chinese people will eventually buy D&G products again, if D&G does a good job in next seasons and if D&G sponsor to the great celebs that Chinese people care.

Like, CEO of Starbucks is not great. I was not supposed to support him by buying my coffees at Starbucks, but I rather collect reward stars when I buy coffees. Classic capitalism.

Dr.Watson: “Advertisers do not have that much concerned, as long as people buy products.”



스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.56.20

I don’t want to explain Fan Bingbing. I have a limited time and energy and words to put here like news editors can’t put the full stories.

And I’m quite skeptical about why Wilkinson (the editor) finished his article by whomever “argued that China needs to be more tolerant in order to show the world it’s an open market.”

Haha, what are you telling me, Wilkinson? haha, Of course, China can be intolerant but ~~~in the house~~ we don’t make you look foolish to and make that as “D&G loves you” campaign.


I am not sure how I can reduce the bias here. I might just show ‘raw’ elements of the news: Put the D&G campaign videos, capture people’s comments (but I can’t put all of them), put what Stefano Gabbana said on his DMs, and the fact that D&G disappeared on the Chinese websites?

Also, @stefanogabbna, don’t say “I love China and Chinese Culture” when you apologize for what you have said.

It was so obvious that Gabbana was using social media for economic purposes (so he does not lose D&G fans) rather than more altruistic purposes’ (referencing the last slide of Lecture 9).

Then trust can evaporate.


tick tick boom.



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