If you spell Seoul without E, it’s Soul

I wanted to say more about this at the second group presentation, but I did not have a chance to elaborate on this topic. I guess now I can continue.


Man-Ha-ttan (how to read in Korean)

the Carrie Diaries


Sex and the City



I watched some episodes of Sex and the City, felt unrelated to my personal life stage, so I went on and watched the Carrie Diaries instead. I remember I was 15. It was like a few months before I came to Canada as Grade 9.

This can be seen as a ~just another~ romantic comedy too. Yes yes, of course, I know.

I liked Carrie Diaries, to be honest, I just loved it when I first watched it. I wanted to be a professional writer, or a columnist, or an editor of magazines, just like Carrie Bradshaw. I used to admire and adore those life-stylists: living in the city, mingling with interesting people,  drinking cocktails and collecting goodie honey luxuries. You know why I liked Vogue now

Today I want to be one of Intelligentsias under capitalist society with sociology and then Petty-Bourgeois with…. any property; according to Max Weber, referenced from my Classical Theory course. Today I think: collecting luxuries is excellent, but I need to get my life together and wake up before noon. ♦I am serious.♦


Let’s see if I can say what I want to say, I am trying to use Gitlin’s schemas:


Young Carrie Bradshaw by AnnaSophia Robb 

First of all, Carrie Diaries is one of the nostalgia pieces of the 2010s. It was based on a book published in 2010, was aired from 2013 and cancelled in 2014. As a prequel of Sex and the City, the Carrie Diaries travels back in the time of 1980s and illustrates young Carrie Bradshaw. It was aired on CW, got cancelled, now it available on ~Netflix~.

The character, Carrie Bradshaw is often considered to be an independent woman who has her own voice, opinion, and thoughts. She is a great writer, columnist, and … yeah, hot-sexy-cute-successful New Yorker. So… she is… so unique and lovely lady, overall, I suppose. But I think there are a lot of female characters are similar to her already, who claimed to be ‘one of a kind’ thoughtful adorable girl. Audiences probably got sick of them by this point.



They are cool and “independent” ladies, but their stories just do not continue without their men. Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City has never been able to imagine a life without boys, parties, gossip, and sex since officially, 11th grade. She is finding “real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.” I guess she is also finding for can’t-sleep-love, too. But sleeping well is essential.



So there I say: wait, why?



There is one of my favourite K-(orean) drama, it can be translated to The world they live in or Worlds Within. It is about people of drama production department in one broadcasting company. So, it is the tv show about people who make tv shows.

One head producer asked the scriptwriter,

“Can we produce more ‘cool’ stories? Why does a woman need to find ‘the one-man’ and they have to quarrel with each other throughout the whole story? Can our female-lead become like Carrie from Sex and the City; or grey from Grey’s Anatomy? They meet different men and people. They still live their remarkable lives. They are sexy, free and single.”

I am not quite sure Grey’s Anatomy, but I know for what happened for Carrie from Sex and the City.

The scriptwriter said, “Yeah- but even after their relationship and stories with other men, Grey goes back to whom she first met, and Carrie also ends up with Mr.Big.”



Yeah. They are right. Why do female lead characters always seem to be stuck with one guy and always ends up with that guy even after she went around and looked for better ones? Why those guys are the ultimate solutions to romantic girls and their lives? Even my cousin sister thought ~she will eventually marry her boyfriend even after they are not the right fit at the moment, but this is the destiny~ when she was only fifteen. Now she is sixteen and broke up with him for the 4th time this year.


So here, this is what I want to say:

Cher- Jane Pauley Interview 1996

“A man is absolutely not a necessity. A man is a luxury… like dessert”

“I adore dessert, I love men… but you don’t really need them to live”

I believe that men should be just luxuries to any women’s lifestyles. Regarding being queer, (cis hetero) men are… much less. They are not must-have, you need them when you know the fact that your life is not about being with men. But why all the romantic comedies make the male lead, more of the rising high-teen stars? Look at Robert Pattinson and Noah Centinalo after. I thought the main narrative was from the female leads and the real hero of continuing their lives under pressure as who they are?





Still, two Carries do not explain the problems as every drama or film does not. They do not confront really why they are struggling. Whether they felt disrespected as women or isolated because they are not “popular” in the peer group, they eventually find favourite men.

Wait, so wrong.

This is precisely what we talked about, in 2L03 lecture, according to Gitlin: “they lead viewers to withdraw from society, as problems seem to resolve themselves or are appropriate for others to solve.”



So I am not letting anyone keep myself from getting my education, but myself is the one preventing me from getting my education though.




wake up and go study girl.


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