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I spend the majority of my time on Twitter. I did some research on “who owns Twitter?” and read some articles. According to a report by Alice Truong:

” Twitter co-founder Ev Williams remains the company’s largest shareholder, with 46.56 million shares for a 6.9% stake. … Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud, who in 2011 invested $300 million in the social network, now owns 34.9 million shares of Twitter’s common stock. … Jack Dorsey, Twitter’s co-founder and newly re-minted CEO, whose 21.86 million shares give him 3.2% of the company, according to FactSet. “

So, Twitter is (roughly) owned by Ev Williams, Prince Alwaleed Bin Talal Bin Abdulaziz Alsaud and Jack Dorsey. Honestly, I do not recognize their names, and maybe that might be what the owners of Twitter want.


I was born and raised in (South) Korea. I am much familiar with Korean culture. Recently a “Korean boy group survival reality show” has started. It is airing on Mnet, a channel from one of the major companies, CJ. It is a Korean survival reality show and its purpose is to make a K-pop idol group (boy group for this season). Everyone in Korea can vote for individuals that are “charming” to be the “national-boy group”. There are ranks, and only rank 1 to 11 can be the winners. The competition gets pretty heated as the show goes on and I “fell in love” with one constant. So, I spent and am basically spending all of my time to support him. Commercial interests of CJ to get money from pockets of people very much influenced my media use and experience as devoting my time and money to that survival reality show.



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First of all, I admit that I use Twitter a lot. And more logs will further present how much time I spend on Twitter and YouTube. My media diet is somewhat consistent and straightforward. And I can comment and reflect a lot from my own media diet. I will take an approach of answering one question at a time because I am planning to write 5 blog posts, and there are 5 questions given.

Media convergence impacted me, and a lot of my generation. I bet people no longer purposefully go on each news platform’s website, but eventually go on there and read something. In other words, in my hypothesis, whether the news publishers are CNN or BuzzFeed, no matter he or she is the fan of either of them or not, they would on Facebook or Twitter, not every news website to read the news. In my hypothesis- Facebook, Twitter or even Google will know what consists of users’  feeds, and the mechanism will work toward building the “user-friendly feed,” but not the user themselves will pick what they like. It is very different from what I have observed from my grandfather’s newspaper stack.

I no longer watch television. I watched it once recently because I was with my grandmother and mom, eating brunch together at home (like my real real home). In my student house, (when I stay in Canada to study) friends and I do not find a need to watch cable television. In fact, I do not know how to do that thing longer. Instead, I watch YouTube and spend my time on Twitter. These days people do everything with their phones, and that certainly helps with the media distribution. It certainly breaks some significant boundaries. For example, I could watch unlimited numbers of high-quality kpop videos in Canada.

Media convergence makes the accesses of information from the users more accessible, as it allows one or two devices to do what large appliances used to be able to do. that certainly makes our lives easier.

La la la Dolce Vita

Do I look like a poor person who supposedly and actually likes luxuries, so watching them how they feed their bourgeois needs and just ripping the Vogue‘s page? Yes, I look like that person who is continuously writing about such a topic. By the way, I am going to try so hard to get a better mark. so watch me saying anything.


So Dolce & Gabbana messed up with my ex-neighbourhood recently.

CNN put the headlines like:

Dolce & Gabbana has a big China problem after ad causes outrage 

By Bard Wilkinson, CNN Business

Can I say, they put headlines like… because…it is actually Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbna messed up, rather than the D&G brand itself? sorry, too much thinking but of course Mr. Dolce and Mr. Gabbana are okay to mess up, they have D&G and people would buy your names, sadly, just like she wore D&G for the Thanksgiving.

a big Cha Ch China problem“? I am not sure how to interpret this headline, but it sounds like “ah that China problem-” and trying to pull out what’s on readers minds of underlying all the political or ethical problems of China? so it’s like cookbooks, mentioned in the lecture, which do not explain what the garlic is, but we are going to make garlic bread. But you know what it tastes like. It’s what you like. You clicked it. *wink* *wink*

Again, back to the headline, that is definitely not a “specific” description. That is quite abstract. (Just like what Murdoch said about headlines, eh) and also the word, outrage… outrage… I think: Dolce and Gabbana did some marketing wrong. Why would you say the reaction was “outrageous” when consumers did what they can do? Of course, what they can do is telling ~~~~the fact~~~~ that D&G was being racist and stop buying the products. (Hi, that sounds like my personal bias)

(By this point, I do not expect them to be super fair intellectuals of the world. Just think twice and do not ignore your staffs’ input. If the whole staffs were agreeing to this concept, yeah stop there. You got some HR problems.)



스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.53.24

Wilkinson (the editor) did not put that “offensive comments that were allegedly sent from co-founder Stefano Gabbana’s personal Instagram account”- emojis of poo- poos- shit-shits are not … up to the CNN business column level.

In my understanding, (bias warning) Chinese people who have been buying luxuries (around me) tend to be cohesive because they were in such a coercive environment that only allowed them not to be ‘authentic’ as individual thinkers. When following trends like everyone else becomes the ultimate trend, whether it’s close to Hypodermic Model or Minimal Effects Model, they are just massive hotpot burning instantly hot and cool down.

Everyone would get mad because the rest of them got mad.

(Hi, that also sounds like my personal bias)


Dr.Watson: “Nothing sells like ‘scandal’.”

one of few things I was able to take a note in the class: Nothing sells like ‘scandal’.

Yeah, this is another scandal which will sell! because! you guys! care about rich Chinese consumers! and the economy!

Also, Again,

Dr.Watson: “Newspapers are not interested in what is covering, not really local. People buy more gossips.”

CNN? American.

Dolce and Gabbna? Italirian

China? China.

Who buys Dolce and Gabbana? people who have money.

Why I was aware of this scandal? I heard the news on my Twitter feed.

So is this good scandal? Yeah, people like to talk about racism.

스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.54.19


NOoo. Of course not they aren’t apologizing to “all Chinese people around the world”, my Chinese friend doing his work, sitting beside me, probably does not know such a scandal happened; because he isn’t a consumer of this (and also because he does cognitive psychology. I’m biased again. so what.)

Mass Society theory: he doesn’t have time to care.

Minimal Effects Model: does not log in to the media talking about the scandal.


스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.54.56

스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.55.57


Never went on to Yangmatou, Yoox Net-A-Porter, Alibaba and I don’t know who Ben Cavender is, (obviously a senior analyst at China Market Research in Shanghai) neither Lane Crawford and Hung Huang. They might be ‘professionals’ who have insights on this scandal, all saying “The damage is huge”

But I am quite sure, that Chinese people will eventually buy D&G products again, if D&G does a good job in next seasons and if D&G sponsor to the great celebs that Chinese people care.

Like, CEO of Starbucks is not great. I was not supposed to support him by buying my coffees at Starbucks, but I rather collect reward stars when I buy coffees. Classic capitalism.

Dr.Watson: “Advertisers do not have that much concerned, as long as people buy products.”



스크린샷 2018-11-23 오후 9.56.20

I don’t want to explain Fan Bingbing. I have a limited time and energy and words to put here like news editors can’t put the full stories.

And I’m quite skeptical about why Wilkinson (the editor) finished his article by whomever “argued that China needs to be more tolerant in order to show the world it’s an open market.”

Haha, what are you telling me, Wilkinson? haha, Of course, China can be intolerant but ~~~in the house~~ we don’t make you look foolish to and make that as “D&G loves you” campaign.


I am not sure how I can reduce the bias here. I might just show ‘raw’ elements of the news: Put the D&G campaign videos, capture people’s comments (but I can’t put all of them), put what Stefano Gabbana said on his DMs, and the fact that D&G disappeared on the Chinese websites?

Also, @stefanogabbna, don’t say “I love China and Chinese Culture” when you apologize for what you have said.

It was so obvious that Gabbana was using social media for economic purposes (so he does not lose D&G fans) rather than more altruistic purposes’ (referencing the last slide of Lecture 9).

Then trust can evaporate.


tick tick boom.


If you spell Seoul without E, it’s Soul

I wanted to say more about this at the second group presentation, but I did not have a chance to elaborate on this topic. I guess now I can continue.


Man-Ha-ttan (how to read in Korean)

the Carrie Diaries


Sex and the City



I watched some episodes of Sex and the City, felt unrelated to my personal life stage, so I went on and watched the Carrie Diaries instead. I remember I was 15. It was like a few months before I came to Canada as Grade 9.

This can be seen as a ~just another~ romantic comedy too. Yes yes, of course, I know.

I liked Carrie Diaries, to be honest, I just loved it when I first watched it. I wanted to be a professional writer, or a columnist, or an editor of magazines, just like Carrie Bradshaw. I used to admire and adore those life-stylists: living in the city, mingling with interesting people,  drinking cocktails and collecting goodie honey luxuries. You know why I liked Vogue now

Today I want to be one of Intelligentsias under capitalist society with sociology and then Petty-Bourgeois with…. any property; according to Max Weber, referenced from my Classical Theory course. Today I think: collecting luxuries is excellent, but I need to get my life together and wake up before noon. ♦I am serious.♦


Let’s see if I can say what I want to say, I am trying to use Gitlin’s schemas:


Young Carrie Bradshaw by AnnaSophia Robb 

First of all, Carrie Diaries is one of the nostalgia pieces of the 2010s. It was based on a book published in 2010, was aired from 2013 and cancelled in 2014. As a prequel of Sex and the City, the Carrie Diaries travels back in the time of 1980s and illustrates young Carrie Bradshaw. It was aired on CW, got cancelled, now it available on ~Netflix~.

The character, Carrie Bradshaw is often considered to be an independent woman who has her own voice, opinion, and thoughts. She is a great writer, columnist, and … yeah, hot-sexy-cute-successful New Yorker. So… she is… so unique and lovely lady, overall, I suppose. But I think there are a lot of female characters are similar to her already, who claimed to be ‘one of a kind’ thoughtful adorable girl. Audiences probably got sick of them by this point.



They are cool and “independent” ladies, but their stories just do not continue without their men. Carrie Bradshaw in Sex and the City has never been able to imagine a life without boys, parties, gossip, and sex since officially, 11th grade. She is finding “real love. Ridiculous, inconvenient, consuming, can’t-live-without-each-other love.” I guess she is also finding for can’t-sleep-love, too. But sleeping well is essential.



So there I say: wait, why?



There is one of my favourite K-(orean) drama, it can be translated to The world they live in or Worlds Within. It is about people of drama production department in one broadcasting company. So, it is the tv show about people who make tv shows.

One head producer asked the scriptwriter,

“Can we produce more ‘cool’ stories? Why does a woman need to find ‘the one-man’ and they have to quarrel with each other throughout the whole story? Can our female-lead become like Carrie from Sex and the City; or grey from Grey’s Anatomy? They meet different men and people. They still live their remarkable lives. They are sexy, free and single.”

I am not quite sure Grey’s Anatomy, but I know for what happened for Carrie from Sex and the City.

The scriptwriter said, “Yeah- but even after their relationship and stories with other men, Grey goes back to whom she first met, and Carrie also ends up with Mr.Big.”



Yeah. They are right. Why do female lead characters always seem to be stuck with one guy and always ends up with that guy even after she went around and looked for better ones? Why those guys are the ultimate solutions to romantic girls and their lives? Even my cousin sister thought ~she will eventually marry her boyfriend even after they are not the right fit at the moment, but this is the destiny~ when she was only fifteen. Now she is sixteen and broke up with him for the 4th time this year.


So here, this is what I want to say:

Cher- Jane Pauley Interview 1996

“A man is absolutely not a necessity. A man is a luxury… like dessert”

“I adore dessert, I love men… but you don’t really need them to live”

I believe that men should be just luxuries to any women’s lifestyles. Regarding being queer, (cis hetero) men are… much less. They are not must-have, you need them when you know the fact that your life is not about being with men. But why all the romantic comedies make the male lead, more of the rising high-teen stars? Look at Robert Pattinson and Noah Centinalo after. I thought the main narrative was from the female leads and the real hero of continuing their lives under pressure as who they are?





Still, two Carries do not explain the problems as every drama or film does not. They do not confront really why they are struggling. Whether they felt disrespected as women or isolated because they are not “popular” in the peer group, they eventually find favourite men.

Wait, so wrong.

This is precisely what we talked about, in 2L03 lecture, according to Gitlin: “they lead viewers to withdraw from society, as problems seem to resolve themselves or are appropriate for others to solve.”



So I am not letting anyone keep myself from getting my education, but myself is the one preventing me from getting my education though.




wake up and go study girl.


I used to call myself ‘Human Addict’, because I was, in fact, pretty obsessive and easily fell for someone. If I fall for someone, I just dig into that person, spend all emotions with all my best (they are ‘finite’ in my world, just like money in this “superego” world is finite) and then I am usually done with that person. I tried to slow down this process as I got a boyfriend but recently all my patience are gone; because he sucked it up.

There are many ways I do my ‘Human Addiction’. If they are celebrity- I search brief backgrounds of them, read their fans’ tweets, watch fan-made videos on Youtube and look at their Instagram account. Find the finest photos I can get and post them on my 4th & 13th twitter accounts. (By the way I am not joking about the numbers of twitter accounts I have.)

Or, if that person exists in much more realistic world, I look at their Facebook. Even though I might be their (facebook, or “actual”) friend, I still get their birthday at least. Or their silly facebook posts back in 2012. Oh goodness, I am so lucky that I did not have facebook when I was 13 — but I had Twitter and probably deleted that account 5 years ago. And someone said that twitter gives users’ tweets to some… huge… American library for the record purpose on my timeline back then. yeah they did? and ah they stopped? 

So, this was very long introduction about how I — ‘Introverted Attention Seeker and yet addicted to human nostalgia left on virtual spaces’, — have been ‘interacting’ with those institutions and making junk products on the social media ocean. Thank you, those Bourgeoisies who took my greatest possessions (… conscience? thoughts? emotions?) and turned them into the products and then they now possess that abundance of money.

Therefore, hey Bourgeoisies, give me like $50 so I can have some garlic Bossam on the reading week. Media Bourgeoisies, pay for your ownership (like a subscription membership) on my junk tweets and binge-watching youtube hours to me, as a form of garlic Bossam. But probably they would only trace my search history and give me more pictures of garlic Bossam. (please do not get me wrong. I am expressing my own reaction and impression of the ownership)


§ § §


I hit ‘LIKE’ on one magazine on my Facebook, ever. It was ‘Vogue’ obviously and still I did not somehow unsubscribe it. I m-i-ght read or save their articles to read later. I saved an article about berets — history of berets, how it became a fashion trend, and most importantly, how to wear them.



Because of that condescending tones of writing, as if all the editors of Vogue would be super duper hipsters who would criticize my daily university semester looks “But hey I wore Tommy Hilfiger leather jacket today?”, and advise me to maintain healthy life style of eating selections of super food 2019 and recommend me to wear TOM FORD makeup, if I have the products, before they go badly because makeup products have that expiration dates. ‘And that’s shhhhh, it costs’

Well, don’t they portray those kinds of image? Vogue is a fashion, beauty, culture, lifestyle magazine that has been published since 1892. Vogue was even there with women during World War One (or the Great War) and to advise Wartime Wardrobe“how to dress on a war income and what to wear when your partner comes home on leave”.  That illustrates how women’s consuming patterns changed and how Vogue illustrated it in terms of a leading trend at the front lines.


Condé Nast owns Vogue, Vanity Fair, Glamour, Brides, Self, GQ, GQ Style, The New Yorker, Condé Nast Traveler, Allure, AD, Bon Appétit, Epicurious, Wired, W, Golf Digest, Teen Vogue, Ars Technica, Pitchfork, them and Iris.

Condé Nast is owned by Advance Publications, Inc.

Advance Publications, Inc. publishes magazines, publications, and newspapers in both prints and on-line. It also owns Parade Publications, Fairchild Publications, American City Business Journals, and the Golf Digest Companies.

Advance Publications, Inc. is a privately owned by Donald E. and Steven O.  Newhouse —uh, Did I just feel the smells of Bourgeoisies?


§ § §


When I was ~about~ nine years old, I kinda fantasized my teenage years would be based on Teen Vogue.


Instead, I was swallowed by the blue bird and about two years after, I bought one issue of  Vogue Korea for myself.

Vogue magazine is big and thick and it is full of high quality pictures, (Since I looked at the Vogue at my early years, my standard of aesthetic quality got ridiculously higher) just like National Geographic. However — to somebody, an animal’s fur is not a big of deal, until fashion industries turn that material into miscellaneous details of high-fashion. Skins of some animals do not get much attention from some populations of people, unless an artisan turns it into the fancy leather bags. wow it is a capitalism! however I am against the animal cruelty.

Not surprisingly, Vogue and other magazines are the advertisement as a whole. It is just aesthetically organized catalogs, aren’t they? And Vogue was not expensive compared to other print media.



What is that significant symbolism of that ‘Vogue’ carried upon? —

People would still buy ‘Vogue’, maybe it is even worth possessing one issue. I would personally say… to feel the capitalism… by feeling a good texture of page, advertising one product whose price equals one-year-long rents of my room.

I mean… that product would not be yours soon. You can have that page now.


§ § §



The name — Vogue— will somehow prosper longer. It is not a political matter of being left or right; it is a matter of buying the idea that people, especially women and girls have to follow the vogue when they are not really entitled to.

Getting rid of gender inequality in that fashion—  I suppose.




§ § §


§ § §


I have been thinking about the most VOGUE  to say ‘the end’.


… uh, Thank you from Α to Ω and back.